Saturday, July 17, 2010

Being a tourist in Chicago

Back when we just arrive in Chicago in March to search for roof to put over our heads, we did the traditional tourist thing and went to Millennium Park to eat at Park Grill which sits, literally under The Bean (aka the Cloud Gate). For lunch I had the duck flat bread (photo below) which is no longer on the menue. It had goat cheese, arugula, and red onion and cappers I believe. The duck is a salty fibrous jerky texture which worked well with the goat cheese and arugula.
Unfortunately, I only remembered to take a picture when nearly done.
Alex had one of the largest burgers I've ever seen in my entire life: the Peppercorn crusted Kobe beef burger with gorgonzola, balsamic grilled onions, grain mustard, and a pretzel bun. It was obviously delicious because it was gone before even a thought of a picture. 

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