Saturday, July 17, 2010

A little bit of Costa Rica in Chicago

Irazu brings back the most tasty memories from my adventure in Costa Rica and it might even convince Alex that we need to go. But seriously, the food is as authentic as I've tastes in the states. After reading the reviews, apparently the physical location of Irazu on N. Milwaukee Ave is super tiny and the wait is so long, therefore, we've ordered in a couple of time. We've tasted their award winning veggie burrito, 2 other burritos, beef and chick tacos, and the super delicious Arroz con Huevo (pictured below).
 Arroz con Huevo + avocado + fried plantains
I could eat these fried plantains for the rest of my life. They may look a little charred in this iPhone picture, they are the perfect balance of sweet and salty, soft but firm fired plantains.
Thirsty or want a fun dessert? Get a shake. I've had the banana- one with milk and one with water. I'd op for the one with milk. I've also had the mora (blackberry) shake with soy. I still like the banana one better.

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