Sunday, July 25, 2010

Confessions of French [Freedom] Fries

If you're reading this and have know me for a long time you might remember when Sarah Tierney Manning and french fries were never found in the same sentence. You might also remember how proudly I flaunted the fact that fried potato had not passed my lips since at least 2001. It was an accomplishment that made be proud to be a non-french/freedom fries eating American. I don't even like fried foods in general. What is even better, I managed to dodge these little devils in Pittsburgh where the frenchies go ON the side, ON the sandwich and ON the SALAD. It's health blasphemy.
(Side Note: I might have partaken in a little frite action at Point Brugge Cafe ones in a while but if they're Belgium they don't count!)

With my latest move to the midwest, that eternal vow has been broken. Its amazing how many french fried options are more often or not not options at all- you will take the french fries and you will like it. Some french fries are hardly worth your time (like Irazu's steak fries- bad choice, Alex). But then there are the special few option that often include the words 'duck fat' which is french fry glory in which all potatoes esteem to be fried in.

Of course, in the end, it's all a matter of taste. Do you like your's pomme frites style crunchy from beginning to end? Do you like your's with a crunch finishing with a softness that takes over? Do you like them with or with out skins? Do you like them with ketchup, mayonnaise, or both? How much salt? What about other seasoning? Are your fries a vehicle for chili and cheese? French fries are so simple but so complicated and you can never have just one.

It's the end of July and since I'm in Chicago, I can only image I have only weeks left before swim suit season is over. We're going to have to rein in the french frie season early too if I'm ever going to be ready for next season's swim suit months.

Dear French Fries,
It's been nice exploring your wonder and beauty but it's time for me to move on.

(For pictures of yummy french frie adventures, flip back for some images - like Hot Doug's - or wait for me to get caught up on past frie endeavors.)

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