Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hot Dogs for the Gods

Alex, Evan, Dan and I got IN LINE at 10:29 pm, one minute before Hot Doug's opens. There was already a line a block long and we finally sat down to eat around noon, but it was totally worth it.
Check out these pictures and our [huge] order:
The ORDER. 8 exotic dogs, 4 people. (Not evenly distributed among persons.) 

Top to bottom: The Kiera Knightly w/ chilly & cheese, Buffalo chicken w/ blue cheese, Foie Gras w/ duck-dog. (+ The corner of my Caribbean goat.)
 Take a closer look at this Foie Gras! Le Yum.
Three duck fat fries was too much. (P.S. Duck fat means it's calorie-less.)
Evan's first bite into "The Dog" (standard Chicago dog)
Looks like a successful order!

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