Friday, June 25, 2010

Ladles: Homemade Soup

Ladles is a soup bar down here on Kiawah Island, SC. We found the place last year and my family and I immediately fell in love- especially the Italian Wedding. Alas, the soups are rotating, and Italian Wedding was not on the rotation this year, but by the looks of the photos you can tell that we've tired nearly every single other soup in rotation.
These soups include

  • *Loaded Potato 

  • *Turkey Chili 

  • *She Crab 

  • *Greek Lemon Chicken 

  • *Broccoli Cheddar 

  • *Tomato Basil 

  • Garden Vegetable 

  • *Buffalo Chicken w/ Blue Cheese 

  • *Gazpacho (Summer) 

  • Chicken Noodle

  • (* = what I've tasted)

There's sandwiches and salads, you and mix and match, get a 6 soup taster, or the UNLIMITED BOWL. Apparently the record is 13 bowls = insanity.  The trick is to get 1/2 bowls so you can taste more soups.
Above is the bowl collection Alex, Evan and I after we all got limitless bowls. Ouch.

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