Monday, June 28, 2010

A Special Favorite: Point Brugge Cafe

I would have never pegged Pittsburgh to win my heart with excellent mussels, but Point Brugge Cafe is the most delicious concoction of mussels, beer, and brunch. Brugge is really tucked back off 5th Ave where I'm very jealous of the neighbors who could sleepwalk to morning treat. They're very loyal to their regulars too as they don't take any form of reservations including a reservation of 20 for me to celebrate my graduation! The often 45 minute waits, I think, are well worth it. Sip your beer on the curb and enjoy the company.

THE "MUST HAVE" dish and i'm sure almost all agree: Red curry, coconut creme, cilantro and lime juice Moules Bowl. If you're familiar, it essentially is a very tasty Tom Kah soup. 
The full bowl is big, but if you're hungry or willing to share, go for it. Otherwise, the smaller bowl is good for one. If you're not scared of french [read: belgian] fries, then they are a MUST order. fried twice in duck fat + a homemade basil mayo = TO DIE FOR. And if you eat too much it might be 'TO DIE OF' too because that would not be the worst way to go. Please don't be wasteful; finish those soupy juices with the fresh baguette.
(No photos of this one- you need to go see and taste it on your own! Please report back.)

Here are some photos from a random brunch we had there.

Belgian Waffle: How very traditional of you, Alex!

Onion Fritta Maybe?

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