Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soba Experiences

So I'd like to go back in time and look at past food eaten too, since we just started this and all. Those of you in Pittsburgh, will probably love this because we've got a lot of those pictures.

This dinner was a delicious and gracious "good-bye Pittsburgh" dinner from Alex's parents at Soba on Ellsworth the night before we took off for Chicago.

Irina's fish. (too long ago to remember what kind)

My total bomb scallop and soba noodle dish that I could probably eat for the rest of my life.

Alex's filet which he claims is one of the best he's ever eaten, which is saying a lot since he is the Global king of beef.

Yuri's ramen dish that I've had 2 other times. It's amazing with 3 spicy sauces to add as you please with a light ramen soup (the real kind, not the college kind) with chicken light meat, dark meat, and a egg over easy that you're supposed to break into the soup. If you like check and noodles this is an very very good choice for you.

Also, look into some of the drinks soba has because they're interesting and worth a taste.

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