Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rosebank in Kiawah Island

Vacationing with my family on Kiawah Island, SC we always go to Rosebank to get fresh produce.

So far this year the biggest highlight has been $1.50/lb HEIRLOOM tomatoes. (This is compared to the usual $4 you might spend on heirlooms elsewhere.) Le Yum. We've eaten them every night this week with some balsamic, but they hardly need it. They actually taste like tomatoes and not cardboard.
Check out the range of multi-colors they come in.

Some fresh french horticultural bean for $2.00/lb below. Do you cook these the same way you cook most beans? Do they change to a purple color like other like colored veggies? Gotta try these out some time.


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  1. Yum is right! Everything here in MD is wilting, with high temps and no rain, so we will have to imagine those fresh SC veggies for now. Enjoy the vacation and give your mom and dad a big hug for me. Marty