Monday, June 28, 2010

What a quickidink!

So one night, while enjoying the company of a friend and 1/2 way through a bottle of Matsu (very delicious), the appetite for dinner struck us later in the evening. We opened GrubHub and ordered sushi, which we've learned in our short time Chicago, is excellent idea. It took us some debating to decided but the food was at our door shortly and the pig out session soon begin. See photo below (excuse the mess; we were still unpacking):

(Side question: Why is it that we always order far more sushi than is sufficient?)
Happy and full, life moved on.

THE NEXT MORNING (no joke) Alex and I came across this billboard on the L.
A billboard for GrubHub. Ordering Sushi late at night. Yes, Alex did get the Spicy Tuna Roll...

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